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Anatole Fistoulari, London Symphony Orchestra: Khacaturian: Gayne - Plak
Khacaturian: Gayne - Plak Khacaturian: Gayne - Plak

Khacaturian: Gayne - Plak

Format Türü: Plak, Format: 2 LP, Gramaj: 200 gr., RPM: 45 rpm.
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Ürün Hakkında
Barkod: 0753088305214 , Katalog No: AS AEVC 3052-45 , Firma: Acoustic Sounds , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 10 Ekim 2018
Format Türü: Plak, Format: 2 LP, Gramaj: 200 gr., RPM: 45 rpm.


Among Classic Records' highlight accomplishments was unlocking the audio majesty of the Everest 35mm magnetic film recordings on a groundbreaking reissue series. Everest LPs through the early 1960s were recorded on 3-channel 35mm magnetic film recording equipment. 35mm magnetic film yielded greater fidelity and less noise than standard 1/4' recording tape. The Westrex Corporation built special equipment to Everest's specifications to accomplish these advantages.
Fast forward to today: Analogue Productions is resurrecting this collection through an initial 10-title reissue series. Bernie Grundman cut the Classic Records reissues at both 33 and 45 RPM — the 45 RPM versions have never been reissued!
Each 2LP set comes with a Stoughton Printing tip-on original jacket and an Everest Records branded jacket showing photos of each reissue title. The two LPs are packaged in a protective clear sleeve.
Anatole Fistoulari learned most of his technique and repertory from his father, Gregor Fistoulari, a student of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov and Anton Rubinstein. Anatole Fistoulari built a substantial recorded discography.
As with his Decca recordings of Ballet Music, Fistoulari again delivers a lively reading of Khachaturian's famous ballet piece. Is this performance the equal of the HP acclaimed Mercury — no, ITS BETTER! Add to that earth shattering bass power and spacious detail — especially in ambient high frequency range and you have a winner that is both delightful and revealing to listen to over and over again. Bert Whyte is again at the controls for another outstanding Everest 35 mm recording at London's famed Walthamstow Assembly Hall — the same hall used extensively by the Decca and Kenneth Wilkinson.

Eser Listesi
LP: 1
1. Sabre Dance
2. Lyrical Duet
3. Dance Of The Rose Maidens
4. Gopak
5. Lullaby
6. Lezghinka
LP: 2
1. Russian Dance
2. Gayne's Adagio
3. Dance Of The Young Kurds
4. Dance Of The Old Man
5. Fire
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