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Banks: Seven - CD

Banks: Seven - CD

Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD
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Barkod: 0747313246625 , Katalog No: 8.557466 , Firma: Naxos , Seri: Naxos 21st Century Classics , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 24 Nisan 2004
Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD


Famous for his role as keyboard player in the progressive rock band Genesis, Tony Banks has always been fascinated by the idea of writing orchestral music. Five of the seven pieces in this orchestral suite were written specifically for the Seven project; the remaining two were older pieces. Throughout the seven movements Banks creates intense orchestral sound pictures. The calm serenity which characterises the main themes of the separate movements is often contrasted with uncomfortable stormy turbulence, the overall result being a scenic overview of orchestral colours and timbres.

Eser Listesi
Tony Banks
Seven - A Suite for Orchestra
1. Spring Tide
2. Black Down
3. The Gateway
4. The Ram
5. Earthlight
6. Neap Tide
7. The Spirit of Gravity
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