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Blind Lemon Jefferson - CD
Blind Lemon Jefferson - CD Blind Lemon Jefferson - CD

Blind Lemon Jefferson - CD

Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD
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Barkod: 0025218472227 , Firma: Milestone , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 2006 , Orijinal Yıl: 1974
Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD


Product Description

One thing's for sure: Blind Lemon Jefferson could feel his way around the Texas blues, and this authoritative collection is proof positive! The legendary singer/guitarist varies riffs and rhythm as he picks away at this solid collection including Jack O'Diamond Blues; Chock House Blues; Stocking Feet Blues; Black Snake Moan; Shuckin' Sugar Blues; Rabbit Foot Blues; Bad Luck Blues; Broke and Hungry; Match Box Blues; Prison Cell Blues; Mosquito Moan; Southern Woman Blues; Bakershop Blues; Long Distance Moan; That Crawlin' Baby Blues ...25 in all!

Jefferson is considered to be the father of Texas blues, and with good reason. Unlike many early blues legends that lived and died in relative obscurity, Lemon was highly popular during his lifetime. Not only did he influence other bluesmen, but he also left quite an impression on country music father Jimmie Rodgers and western swing pioneers Bob Wills and Milton Brown. As a guitarist, Jefferson had few peers. His capability to throw off unexpected and complex phrases was legendary. Lemon's playing was accompanied by a high and lonesome voice that complemented his formidable songwriting skills. This CD is a reissue of a '70s double vinyl disc set, and it contains most of his best work including his only slide piece 'Jack O' Diamonds,' one of his many versions of 'Matchbox Blues,' and the amazing 'Rabbit Foot Blues.' One would be hard-pressed to find a bluesman of greater depth and skill than Mr. Jefferson. --Lars Gandil
Eser Listesi
1. Jack O'Diamond Blues
2. Chock House Blues
3. Stocking Feet Blues
4. That Black Snake Moan
5. Shuckin' Sugar Blues
6. Rabbit Foot Blues
7. Bad Luck Blues
8. Broke And Hungry
9. Easy Rider Blues
10. Match Box Blues
11. Rising High Water Blues
12. Teddy Bear Blues
13. Lonesome House Blues
14. Sunshine Special
15. Change My Luck Blues
16. Prison Cell Blues
17. Blind Lemon's Penitentiary Blues
18. Lock Step Blues
19. Hangman's Blues
20. Mosquito Moan
21. Southern Woman Blues
22. Baker Shop Blues
23. Pneumonia Blues
24. Long Distance Moan
25. That Growling Baby Blues
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