Evelyn Glennie, Hila Plitmann: Corigliano: Conjurer & Vocalise - CD
Corigliano: Conjurer & Vocalise - CD

Corigliano: Conjurer & Vocalise - CD

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Barkod: 0636943975725 , Katalog No: 8.559757 , Firma: Naxos , Seri: Naxos American Classics , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 3 Eylül 2013
Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD


Leading American composer John Corigliano had reservations about writing a percussion concerto, but the challenge fascinated him. The result is Conjurer, a concerto for percussion like no other, in which 'wood, metal and skin' are utilised in such a way that the soloist, Dame Evelyn Glennie—the world's greatest percussion virtuoso—'conjures' the musical material from these three choirs, and the orchestra then shares and develops the themes. Vocalise employs electronics in a way that serves to heighten the expressive beauty of the writing, gradually leading the listener from a purely acoustic experience to one that becomes suffused by amplification and electronics.
Eser Listesi
John Corigliano, Jr.
Conjurer (2007)
1. Cadenza I
2. I. Wood
3. Cadenza II
4. II. Metal
5. Cadenza III
6. III. Skin
7. Vocalise
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