Ferdinand von Bothmer: Schubert: Lied Edition 29 - Settings of Various Poets - CD

Schubert: Lied Edition 29 - Settings of Various Poets - CD

Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD
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Barkod: 0747313083879 , Katalog No: 8.570838 , Firma: Naxos , Seri: Naxos Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 16 Aralık 2008
Format Türü: CD, Format: 1 CD


The Naxos Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition: Schubert set the poetry of over 115 writers to music. He selected poems from classical Greece, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, from eighteenth-century German authors, early Romantics, Biedermeier poets, and Heine. The Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition presents all Schubert's Lieder, over 700 songs, grouped according to the poets who inspired him. Thanks to Bärenreiter's Neue Schubert-Ausgabe (New Schubert Edition), Tübingen, which uses primary sources, the performers have been able to benefit from the most recent research of the editorial team. This disc includes Schubert's longest Lied, Adelwold und Emma, a remarkable 608-bar mini-melodrama, and Minona, a brooding ballad in which the heroine uses the very arrow with which her father had slain her lover to kill herself.

Eser Listesi
Franz Schubert
1. Als ich sie erroten sah, D. 153
2. Minona, D. 152
3. Der Wachtelschlag, D. 742
4. Tischlerlied, D. 274
5. Adelwold und Emma, D. 211
6. Morgenlied, D. 381
7. Abendlied, D. 382
8. Trost, D. 523
9. Der Vatermorder, D. 10
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