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Ike & Tina Turner: Feel Good - Plak

Feel Good - Plak

Format Türü: Plak, Format: 1 LP, Gramaj: 180 gr., RPM: 33 rpm.
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Barkod: 5060149621561 , Katalog No: Pure Pleasure UA5598 , Firma: Pure Pleasure , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 26 Haziran 2012
Tür: Pop - Rock
Format Türü: Plak, Format: 1 LP, Gramaj: 180 gr., RPM: 33 rpm.


"Feel Good", not Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly", is the sound of early-'70s pimping - even when the tempo slows down, which happens rarely, it's for a slow blues grind, not a ballad, and songs like Tina's "Kay Got Laid (Joe Got Paid)" make no apologies for mythologizing pimps. This results in a supremely sleazy, utterly addictive record, one that's relentless in its rhythms and fearless in its funk as Ike lays down nasty rock & roll guitar - check his solos on "Feel Good", where he's as elastic as rubber - and Tina tears it up with pure, unbridled passion. "Feel Good" is quintessentially '70s - the fuzztoned funk practically conjures up platform shoes and mile-wide collars - but it doesn't belong to any one sound, it casually draws from Southern soul, James Brown funk, black pride, "Superfly" style and juke joint R&B, a sound that is uniquely identified with Ike & Tina. And while this contains no flat-out classics like "Nutbush City Limits" or "Proud Mary" as an album "Feel Good" undoubtedly ranks among their very best: it's a non-stop party.

Recording: March 1972 by Barry Keene, Ike Turner and Jim Saunders at Bolic Sound, Los Angeles

Production: Gerhard Augustin and Ike Turner
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