Katie Melua: Concert Under the Sea - DVD
Concert Under the Sea - DVD

Concert Under the Sea - DVD

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Barkod: 0802987006675 , Katalog No: DRAMDVCD004 , Firma: Dramatico , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 2014
Tür: Pop - Rock
Format Türü: DVD, Format: 1 DVD, Ekran Oranı: 16:9, Sistem: PAL, Ses Formatı: Stereo


Concert Under the Sea<br /> <br /> The Documentary Film - An Amazing Story of Human Achievement<br /> <br /> The documentary film was shot in and off the coast of Norway, and tells the story of Katie setting the Guinness World Record for the deepest underwater concert ever performed, 303 metres below the sea. Invited by Statoil, the gas drilling company, to celebrate their 10th anniversary on the biggest man-made structure ever moved on Earth, Katie (after checking their environmental record) agreed to perform on the North Sea floor at the foot of a leg on the enormous drilling platform.<br /> <br /> The story of Katie and her band's rigorous safety training, and the realisation of the dream of the gas platform manager who conceived the whole crazy idea, is the subject of this fascinating film. Towards the end of the film we witness some of the concert itself.<br />
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1. The Documentary - Concert Under the Sea
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