Riccardo Novaro, Romina Basso, Modo Antiquo, Federico Maria Sardelli: Orlando furioso - CD
Orlando furioso - CD

Orlando furioso - CD

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Barkod: 0709861305407 , Katalog No: OP30540 , Firma: Naive , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 2013
Format Türü: CD, Format: 2 CD


<strong>RV 819 / The rediscovery of a new Vivaldi opera!</strong><br /> <br /> Orlando furioso is Vivaldi's most famous operas, dating from 1727 . . . But today, the specialists of the Venetian composer's catalogue are able to reveal that Vivaldi actually composed another Orlando furioso thirteen years earlier! In 1714, an Orlando scored a huge success at the Teatro San Angelo in Venice, whose directors were none other than Vivaldi and his father. The manuscript of this opera was rediscovered 250 years later in Vivaldi's personal library, now in Turin, but no composer was named on it. It was then thought to be a revision of an existing Orlando furioso written<br /> in 1713 by the young Bolognese composer Ristori.<br /> <br /> But that was without counting on the sharp eyes of the musicologists in charge of the numbering of the works of Vivaldi, Peter Ryom and his successor Federico Maria Sardelli. They wondered why Vivaldi should have kept this music in his personal corpus among all his other scores, and noticed that the manuscript featured many different hands and numerous pasted-in corrections of the parts. Sardelli therefore decided to subject the music to meticulous examination and observed obvious similarities between the arias of this Orlando and those of the first two operas of which Vivaldi was the official composer. His intuition was confirmed by the analyses of Reinhard Strohm, the leading expert on eighteenth-century opera, and the entire musicological community: this music is definitely by Vivaldi!<br /> <br /> So this Orlando furioso of 1714 now achieves a new lease of life under a catalogue number that has just been assigned to it: RV 819. Only two acts have survived. Orlando is sung by a baritone, unlike the 1727 version. 47th Vivaldi Edition recording and 13th opera, the present world premiere recording is performed by an outstanding range of soloists: Riccardo Novaro, Romina Basso, Roberta<br /> Mameli, Delphine Galou, David DQ Lee - don't miss his breathtaking qria "Piangero".
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CD: 1
Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto RV 781
1-3. Sinfonia
Orlando furioso RV819
4-27. Act 1
CD: 2
Antonio Vivaldi
Orlando furioso RV819
1-37. Act 2
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