Rush: 2112 - Plak
2112 - Plak 2112 - Plak

2112 - Plak

Format Türü: Plak, Format: 1 LP, Gramaj: 180 gr.
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Barkod: 0602547116178 , Firma: Mercury , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 16 Mart 2015
Format Türü: Plak, Format: 1 LP, Gramaj: 180 gr.


2112 has been newly-remastered on 200-gram, heavyweight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process, all from original analogue masters. RUSH's fourth album, 2112, first released in 1976, proved a breakthrough, highlighted by its seven-part title suite - written by Lee and Lifeson, with lyrics by Peart - recounting a dystopian story set in the year 2112. It came in at #2 on Rolling Stone's list of 'Your Favorite Prog Rock Albu
Eser Listesi
1. 2112 (Side A)
2. A Passage To Bangkok (Side B)
3. The Twilight Zone (Side B)
4. Lessons (Side B)
5. Tears (Side B)
6. Something For Nothing (Side B)
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