The Grateful Dead: Reckoning - CD
Reckoning - CD Reckoning - CD

Reckoning - CD

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Barkod: 0081227328221 , Katalog No: 8122732822 , Firma: Rhino , Yayınlanma Tarihi: 21 Ağustos 2009
Format Türü: CD, Format: 2 CD, Süre: 156:44


<span>These five late-career album masterpieces follow the legendary group from their 15th anniversary in 1980 through their final studio album together, 1989's Built To Last. Their legacy is indeed indestructible, as evidenced by the wealth of unforgettable songs and classic performances-including the band's only Top 40 hit, "Touch of Grey" - introduced in these remarkable recordings, which have lost none of their spark over time. Rhino's continued restoration of the Dead's rich catalogue includes the all-time great pair of live albums Dead Set and Reckoning, both now expanded to 2CDs, plus 3 more classic discs spotlighting the Dead for the astoundingly well-oiled music machine they were during this key era of their storied partnership. Rhino's remastered and expanded editions celebrate the band's immortal music with stellar sonics and a wealth of fresh-from-the-archives bonus rarities.</span>
Eser Listesi
CD: 1
1. Dire Wolf
2. Race Is On
3. Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
4. It Must Have Been the Roses
5. Dark Hollow
CDCD: 1: 1
6. China Doll
CD: 1
7. Been All Around This World
8. Monkey and The Engineer
9. Jack-A-Roe
10. Deep Elem Blues
11. Cassidy
12. To Lay Me Down
13. Rosalie McFall
14. On the Road Again
15. Bird Song
CD: 2
1. To Lay Me Down (Studio Rehearsal) (Bonus)
2. Iko Iko (Bonus)
3. Heaven Help the Fool (Bonus)
4. El Paso (Bonus)
5. Sage & Spirit (Bonus)
6. Little Sadie (Bonus)
7. It Must Have Been the Roses (Alternate Live Version) 8. 9. (Bonus)
8. Dark Hollow (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
9. Jack-A-Roe (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
10. Cassidy (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
11. China Doll (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
12. Monkey and The Engineer (Live Version) (Bonus)
13. Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
14. Ripple (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
15. Tom Dooley (Bonus)
16. Deep Elem Blues (Alternate Live Version) (Bonus)
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